Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream is -321 Degrees of Super Cool

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Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream is -321 Degrees of Super Cool

Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream is the Coolest Place to be in San Antonio

Yikes, the temperature is already hitting triple digits in San Antonio, so I know I’ll be spending much of my time at Sub Zero Ice Cream starting now. I had the opportunity to visit the newest Sub Zero store in San Antonio at Dominion Ridge Shopping Center located at 22211 IH 10 W, Suite 1110, San Antonio, TX last week.

I am so grateful to get that invite cause now this super cool (pun intended) ice cream place is on my radar. And now it will be on yours too. Not only is this ice cream the coolest, is is also the freshest you can get. That’s because it is literally made to order in front of you, from start to finish.

Sub Zero

So how does it work? Well you can either choose to create your own combination of flavors and mix-ins or you can go with one of their Sensations (a combo of flavors they found that work well together). The sensations come in choices like; Chocolate Conduction, Banana Cream Pie Bismuth, or Key Lime Volta. Once you decide which way to go, you then:

  • Choose Your Size (small, regular, large)
  • Choose Your Cream (Original, Low Fat, Sugar-Free, Lactose-Free, Yogurt, Custard or Vegan). They have something for every dietary need!
  • Choose Your Flavor (30+ Flavors Available). They can please any palate!
  • Choose Your Mix-Ins
  • Watch it FREEZE!

This ice cream is completely frozen by liquid nitrogen as you watch. And the finished product is amazingly good. Did you know the faster you freeze ice cream the creamer it tastes? That’s because freezing with nitrogen causes the mixture to have less air and smaller ice crystals. So the end result is creamier and denser (takes longer to melt) than ice cream frozen in a regular freezer. And the taste is really bursting with flavor. They use the highest quality ingredients giving you the best tasting ice cream possible.

I ordered the Key Lime Volta in a large cup, which ended up being about 3-4 scoops of ice cream served in a cup with a house-made waffle. So big I couldn’t finish it even though I really wanted to. I chose the rich custard cream, and to that they added Lime and Cheesecake Ice Cream, Graham Cracker and Cheesecake Bites. All this was placed in a large bowl and hand mixed. Then the fun began as they started adding the liquid nitrogen. The nitrogen is freezing the cream at -321 degrees Fahrenheit so it freezes instantly with no wait time. What you get is fresh, creamy, smooth ice cream like you have never had before.

Sub Zero

Watch it being made:

Why would you eat pre-frozen when you can eat fresh, each time, every time?

Starting in June, just in time for summer, they will be doing a Raspberry Italian Ice. I did get to sample this also and it was so flavorful and creamy, I couldn’t believe it was Italian Ice, not ice cream. I foresee this being a big hit as summer heats up.

Sub Zero

This place is actually a science education in progress. And speaking of that, they are happy to host school field trips of 10-15 students for some science fun and a treat at the end. They will also take the science fun to schools too, showing students different fun experiments using nitrogen. Just call and let them know you want to schedule something. And right now they are doing a “Reading 360” program. Students K-8 are encouraged to stop into the Dominion Sub Zero and pick up a “Reading 360” bookmark to keep track of their progress. Once they complete the 360 minute reading challenge, they can stop by this location where they will receive a FREE small ice Cream from Sub Zero. This breaks down to twelve 30-minute sessions. This is a great summer project to keep your child reading while out of school!

They offer many specials during the week too. My favorite is 2 for 1 Tuesdays: Buy one ice cream get one free. When you stop in, ask them about their others.

**Full Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my review, but not to worry, all opinions are 100% mine.

Location: Dominion Ridge Shopping Center, 22211 IH-10 W., Suite 1110, San Antonio, TX

Phone: 210.267.2954


Monday – Thursday 12pm – 10pm

Friday & Saturday 12pm – 11pm

Sunday 12pm – 9pm


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