Cooking Up Beautiful Memories on Mother’s Day

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Cooking Up Beautiful Memories on Mother’s Day

Cooking Up Beautiful Memories and Celebrating Mom Through Family Recipes

Cooking up beautiful memories with family recipes is a way of  honoring posthumous mommies on Mother’s Day through handed down recipes.

Cooking Up Beautiful Memories

Two of the best things about any holiday? Gathering with family and eating good food! But for families who have recently lost a loved one, the celebration can be painful and awkward.

“It’s like the elephant in the room,” describes Esther Pipoly, founder of Loss of Life Advocates (LOLA). “It’s like there is an unspoken rule that you are not supposed to acknowledge that there is someone missing.”

Pipoly, who named her company after her own mother, Lola, prefers a different approach. She believes in honoring lost loved ones at any gathering by passing on their traditions—specifically, their recipes.

“Food brings families together and recreating a lost loved one’s favorite dish or meal allows you to honor their memory and talk about the  happy times you shared.”

On Mother’s Day, Pipoly celebrates by making one of her mother’s famous pies, and reliving memories with her children and siblings.”

“Growing up, the best memories were of my mom baking pies for family gatherings,” recalls Pipoly, who continues the tradition by making her mother’s famous Lemon Meringue for her own family. “It wasn’t until after she died that my siblings and I realized she had given us all different recipes for the same pie. We had to call each other for missing ingredients. We think it was her way of keeping us together.”

Pipoly and her children celebrate her late husband’s birthday by preparing all of his favorite foods and sharing stories of his life. They eat together, laugh together, and sometimes cry together as they keep his memory alive.

“Acknowledging a loss during a holiday doesn’t have to be a dinner table downer,” explains Pipoly. “Food is a universal language and it can go a long way in alleviating any awkwardness about the situation. It is a beautiful way to honor traditions while creating new ones at the same time.”

LOLA serves as a type of concierge service for those preparing for or dealing with loss by providing a wide variety of guidance options, services, and referrals for both individuals and corporations, all under one roof. From grief counseling, to pet care, to hospice guidance, to insurance claims, to closing down a business, and so much more. Esther guides people through the process of death so that they can carry on with life.

Cooking Up Beautiful Memories

Cooking Up Beautiful Memories with family recipes

Esther founded LOLA after losing both her husband, and her father, just 63 days apart. As the executor for both estates, Esther learned first-hand the perils and pitfalls that can occur when someone is in a vulnerable position. Drawing on those experiences, along with her 20+ years in the health insurance industry, Esther designed LOLA to serve as a light for people during their darkest times.


About Loss of Life Advocates
LOLA offers both individual and corporate packages for helping people deal with or prepare for loss. A LOLA Advocate can provide you with guidance and direction, allowing you to find peace and let the healing begin. For more information or a complimentary consultation, visit or call 888-488-LOLA (5652)

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