National Cocktail Day – So Many Amazing Cocktails, So Little Time

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National Cocktail Day – So Many Amazing Cocktails, So Little Time

National COCKTAIL Day is March 24! Time to Celebrate Your Favorite

National Cocktail Day is March 24, and if there is one thing we know, everyone likes to enjoy a cocktail from time to time. No matter what your favorite cocktail, we can pay tribute to them ALL on this day. So whether you are just having a couple of friends stop by or you are planning a large neighborhood get together, one or more of the cocktails mentioned should fit into your plans quite nicely.

Between spritzes, smashes, margaritas, coffee cocktails, “honey” cocktails, and more, there is something for everyone and their favorite cocktail. Check out these recipes for some delicious cocktails that will add beauty and flavor to any party or gathering:

Farmers Lane (Danny Ojinaga, of Mario & John’s in Petaluma, CA)
1.5oz Templeton Rye
.50oz Lairds Apple Brandy 100proof
.75oz Lemon Juice
.50oz Orange Blossom Honey (Local)
Bar spoon Aquavit
2 drops Monarch Bitters “Rose Petal” bitters
Garnish: Dehydrated Blood Orange wheel w/ 2 clove

FAME Tyler Levey – Avion Manager Los Angeles

National Cocktail Day
1.5 Avion Silver
1 fresh carrot juice
.5 ginger syrup
.25 simple
.5 fresh Orange

.5 fresh lemon


Sunday Morning Hues (created by Lucinda Sterling of Middle Branch)

National Cocktail Day

1 oz Crème Yvette

1 oz Kerrygold Irish Cream Liqueur

1 oz Caffè Borghetti

1 oz Espresso

1 oz Mascarpone

Mix all ingredients except mascarpone with ice in an Irish Coffee mug. Top with mascarpone cheese and garnish with an orchid


Red River Punch

National Cocktail Day

1.5 oz Koskenkorva Vodka

.5 oz Lemon Juice

.5 oz Sugar Syrup

4 pieces of raspberry

Egg White (optional)

Soda Water

Method: Muddle raspberry in a shaker with liquids and add egg white. Shake vigorously with ice and double strain in a wine glass.


Watermelon Smash

National Cocktail Day

1oz Seagrams Watermelon Vodka

1.25oz Templeton Rye

.75oz Demerara syrup

2 lemon wedge

6 mints

Method: muddle the lemons/mint and syrup. Add the liquor/light shake and dirty dump in rocks glass.

Glass: rocks glass

Garnish: heavy mint sprigs


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