New Holiday Gift Items and Flavors Available at Lick

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New Holiday Gift Items and Flavors Available at Lick

New Holiday Gift Merchandise and Good ‘Ol Lick Holiday Flavors Now In

Lick has some new Holiday Gift Merchandise, cute Holiday Gift Pack Collections, and a huge assortment of luscious new holiday flavors available now.

New Holiday Gift Merchandise: 
– Custom Lick Honest Ice Creams Scoop – $18


– Lick Honest Ice Creams Custom Leather Pint Sleeve – $25 (By Noah Marion Quality Goods)
New Holiday Gift
– SRSLY Chocolate Peppermint Bark Nibbler – $2 for 1, $8 for 5


*All merchandise is available now online and in the scoop shops for purchase now.*


New Holiday Gift Pack Collections:
– The “Gotta Eat it Right Now” Pack ($47): 1 Custom Leather Pint Sleeve, 2 Custom Wooden Spoons, 2 Pint Gift Cards


– The “Enjoy my Favorite Ice Cream with my Favorite Person” Pack ($86): 2 Custom Bowls by Era Ceramics, 2 Custom Wooden Spoons, Custom Engraved Scoop


–  The “Lick Lovers” Pack ($127): 1 custom Leather Pint sleeve, 2 custom wooden spoons, 2 custom bowls by Era Ceramics, 1 jar of Lick Chocolate Sauce, 1 Jar of Lick Honeyed Peanut Butter Sauce, 1 SRSLY Chocolate Nibbler 5 pack, 1 engraved ice cream scoop, 1 2017 Lick Ornament, 2 pint gift cards.


Holiday Flavors:
This year there’s a new flavor called Mamee’s “Milk” Punch. It’s a vegan take on a Southern holiday tradition. These awesome flavors are available right now so shop online or stop by your favorite Lick Honest Ice Creams store and pick up several for your next party or just for you to spurge at home while watching your favorite Christmas movie.
New Holiday Gift

Photo credit: Annie Ray

Candied Pecan & Bourbon: Local pecans are candied with brown sugar, spices, honey & salt then added to a base spiked with Garrison Brothers Bourbon made in Hye, Texas.


Cinnamon Sugar Cookie: Buttery cinnamon sugar cookies dance in our bold cinnamon ice cream to bring you some holiday cheer!


Gingerbread: Dark and spicy house made gingerbread pieces are mixed into a base steeped in ginger and spice which makes everything nice.
New Holiday Gift

Photo credit: Annie Ray

Orange Chocolate: Fresh, local oranges are combined with Austin’s own SRSLY dark chocolate to create a zingy treat.


Peppermint Bark: SRSLY dirty white chocolate and fresh mint make the backdrop for dark chocolate chips and crunchy peppermint candies pulled by hand in the Lick kitchen.


Spiked Eggnog: A holiday favorite! House made eggnog made with local pasture-raised, organic eggs and a shot of brandy to top it off.


Too Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows: Our classic spicy chocolate flavor plus house made vanilla bean marshmallows. Just for the holidays!
New Holiday Gift

Photo credit: Annie Ray

Coconut Caramel Cream: Creamy and sweet, this coconut based dream reminds us of caramel creams of our childhood.


Mamee’s “Milk” Punch NEW: A vegan take on a classic Southern holiday tradition. A blend of brandy, rum, vanilla and coconut milk will keep you warm on a cold winter evening.


Coming in January! 
Butterscotch Pecan Blondie: Our rich butterscotch base has a hint of local Spirit of Texas Pecan Street rum and is full of bites of house made brown butter blondies made with toasted Texas pecans from San Saba.


Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie: Our SRSLY Chocolate ice cream blends beautifully with creamy peanut butter and big chunks of decadent brownie.


Location: 312 Pearl Parkway #2101, San Antonio, TX


This local San Antonio influencer and restaurant reviewer highly recommends you get over to Lick and but some of these cute gifts for the ice cream lover in you life. And be sure to pick up some of these delicious flavors for yourself and for sharing.

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