100 Percent Natural Hand Picked Coffee from Colombia has Arrived

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100 Percent Natural Hand Picked Coffee from Colombia has Arrived

100 Percent Natural Hand Picked Authentic Colombian Coffee, Caferros, is now in San Antonio

Colombia is known for its ideal geography and climate for growing superior coffee. One such coffee is the 100 percent natural hand picked Caferros coffee.

Right now if you go to their website and sign up for their email you will get a free 2 oz package of their coffee. Also when you place and order, enter the Promo Code FARM2TABLE to receive 25% off all purchases at Caferros.com

I personally got to try several varieties of Caferros coffee and they are a very smooth flavorful coffee. My favorite was the Colombian Supremo with a nice bold richness. Pastries from the Baklovah Bakery paired well with the coffee. Baklovah Bakery is located at 9329 Wurzbach Rd., San Antonio, TX.

100 Percent Natural Hand Picked

Caferros is a family owned and operated coffee farm high in the Antioquia mountains of Colombia. With its rich volcanic soil and high elevations (between 5,500 and 6,500 feet) it is the ideal place for coffee growing. Caferros’ Arabica coffee is 100 percent naturally grown and the beans are picked by hand for optimal quality control.

Husband and wife team Gil and Monica Jimenez took over Monica’s family coffee farm where they immediately started re-planting 325,000 coffee trees. Using a cyclic planting to allow for year-round coffee harvesting and production, utilizing natural fertilizer from the coffee tree cherries which is the pulp on the outside of the coffee beans and opting for pesticide free, using fruit trees instead of chemicals (fruit trees planted along side the coffee trees attract birds which eat harmful insects naturally), the company has stayed true to being an all natural facility. In fact, from hand-picking to milling to roasting, every step in the production of Caferros coffee is performed with extreme attention to detail. In addition to Gil and Monica handling day-to-day operations of the company, Gil’s older son is also part of the business where he oversees the coffee roasting at the Caferros warehouse, managing inventory and shipping the product.

100 Percent Natural Hand Picked

Gil and Monica Jimenez

Colombian coffee is renowned the world over for its rich, mild and smooth flavor and the Jimenez family wants the world to know what authentic Colombian coffee tastes like. Colombian coffee has always been prized by coffee lovers. But securing large amounts of Colombian coffee for import into the U S has not always been easy. Now with the Caferros’ team and family link in Colombia, they are positioned to be able to source ample quantities of premium Colombian beans.

Caferros coffee is Superior because:

  • It’s 100 percent naturally grown in the mountains of Antioquia, Colombia.
  • Beans are hand-picked to ensure they are harvested at peak ripeness. Then, the skillful local miller uses a proprietary method for his special milling process.
  • Caferros’ Master Roaster roasts all of their coffee by hand in small batches to ensure even color, precise flavoring and roast consistency. They roast using the highest quality German Probat Roasters with an integrative Roast Profile System to ensure consistency for each and every roast profile.
  • They are passionate about providing a consummate coffee experience in each and every cup.

Caferros offers a wide variety of coffees:

100 Percent Natural Hand Picked Authentic Colombian Coffee

Signature Blends:

Colombian Light Roast

Colombian Supremo

Colombian Espresso

Colombian Dark Roast


100 Percent Natural Hand Picked

100 Percent Natural Hand Picked Authentic Colombian Coffee

Chocolate Mint

Chocolate Raspberry

French Vanilla


Pumpkin Spice

Texas Pecan

At the present you can only order them online, but they will soon be in retail stores near you.

**Full Disclosure: I was invited to a Caferros coffee tasting in exchange for my post.  But not to worry. All opinions are 100% mine.

Contact them directly anytime during Operations Hours:
M – F 9:00 am – 5:00 pm CST
– or 24/7 –


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