Fall Friendly Drinks and Concoctions from K-Teas

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Fall Friendly Drinks and Concoctions from K-Teas

Fall Friendly Drinks that will make Your Taste Buds Dance

Falling temperatures & crisp air evokes the desire to hunker down, slip into cozies and delight in warm, comforting fall friendly drinks. A season dominated by all things pumpkin in recent years (enough already, right?), K-Teas challenges you to “drink different.” Push past the boundaries of tired, burnt-out autumnal flavors and explore tantalizing and earthy aromas that will tickle your taste buds! 

Steep yourself in flavors that have been brought back to their roots…

Autumn Evening: Apple, orange peel, cinnamon, cranberries, clove, hibiscus and star anise, enjoy straight or with a drop of honey and truly lose yourself in the season.

Fall Friendly Drinks

Cosmopolitan: Inspired by party favorite that is cranberry juice, triple sec, lime juice, vodka, and a twist of orange peel, this tea pulls from each of those notes with a touch of hibiscus. Add your favorite citrus flavored vodka and you’re well on your way to kissing someone under the mistletoe!

Fall Friendly Drinks

Spicy Mulling Spices: Make your own spicy apple cider! Drop the herb bag containing ginger, peppercorns, orange, nutmeg, allspice and red pepper flakes into a gallon of cider and prepare for a rollercoaster of mouthwatering amusement!

Fall Friendly Drinks

 Campfire: Think s’mores, but without the stickiness. Organic cacao nibs, marshmallow root, organic cinnamon, heavy-toasted American oak chips, indian sarsaparilla, marigold petals. Hmmmmm.

Fall Friendly Drinks

Whether the partea is a huge festive gathering, or just you on your couch – discover the one-of-a-kind, delicious teas at http://www.k-teas.com.

Presents for hosts and hostesses, grab-bags, “thank you” gifts, stocking stuffers… K-Teas’™ delectable and exotic loose-leaf recipes make for thoughtful (and easy) gifts this busy holiday season!

Let your taste buds do the talking, visit K-Teas™ on FacebookInstagram & Twitter

About K-Teas

 They are an innovative Atlanta-based tea company founded in Asia’s rich tea tradition and inspired by the American cocktail and European cafes and spirits.



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