Cozy Fun Fall Cocktails that are Sure to Suit Every Taste

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Cozy Fun Fall Cocktails that are Sure to Suit Every Taste

Cozy Fun Fall Cocktails From Don Papa Rum

Now that Halloween is right around the corner, these Don Papa Rum cozy fun fall cocktails are perfect for celebrating all month long.

As of this past May, Don Papa Rum has continued to bring the spirit of “Sugarlandia” in the Philippines to the U.S. market. Known for its rich, sweet style and fruity notes, this rum perfectly pairs with the best that autumn has to offer.

Papa’s Pumpkin Pie

1 3/4 oz. Don Papa Rum
1/2 oz. Pumpkin puree
1/2 oz. Pumpkin spice syrup
Two dashes of orange bitters
3/4 oz. Lime juice
Mint sprig and icing sugar
Shake & serve!

Fall Sour
Cozy Fun Fall Cocktails
1 3/4 oz. Don Papa Rum
3/4 oz. Caramel apple syrup
3 dashes of Cinnamon bitters (up to maker’s discretion!)
3/4 oz. Lemon juice
1 egg white
Grate of nutmeg
Dry shake and serve!

Smoke and Spice
Cozy Fun Fall Cocktails
1 1/5 oz. Don Papa Rum
1/3 oz. Chipotle pineapple
1/3 oz. Aperol
1/3 oz. Mezcal
Two dashes of chipotle bitters
A pinch of smoke salt
2 or 3 charred pineapples pieces

Lost in the forest
Cozy Fun Fall Cocktails
1 3/4 oz. Don Papa Rum
1/3 oz. Dark cherry compote
1/3 oz. Crème de cacao
3 dashes of pine bitters
Grate of dark chocolate
One Don Papa soaked cherry
Stir & strain!

About Don Papa Rum

Don Papa Rum is the spirit of Sugarlandia. A premium aged rum from the Philippines. Created on the fertile foothills of Mt. Kanlaon, where the finest sugarcane is milled to produce sweet, rich molasses.

Don Papa is a tribute to Papa Isio, the real and charismatic leader from the island of Negros, Philippines. His legend was instrumental to the independence of the island during the Revolution of the 1890s. The figure of Don Papa is inspired by Papa Isio, though he is not the same person. Rather, Don Papa is the embodiment of the spirit of Sugarlandia.

Sugarlandia’s Noble Cane – The Philippines has a long history of cultivating Noble sugar cane, the original variety, first discovered centuries ago in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. The perfect combination of climate, geography and the rich volcanic soil on the island is ideally suited for sugarcane production. Each year, cane is harvested from October through May, loaded onto trucks and transported to one of the island’s classic sugar mills.


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