Jorge Villarreal Uses His Amazing Artistic Skill to Bring Cuba to the City

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Jorge Villarreal Uses His Amazing Artistic Skill to Bring Cuba to the City

Jorge Villarreal Brings his Exhibit “You’re a Gem” to San Antonio this Month

Guided by the color and texture of the walls in La Habana, Cuba, San Antonio Artist and Photographer Jorge Villarreal finds a gem in each wall in his series, “You’re a Gem.” The salt from the ocean’s air distresses and erodes the layers of paint from the walls developing gemstone-like formations. For Villarreal, discovering these walls tucked away in small alleyways and hidden corners is what makes the city of La Habana the true gem.

Jorge Villarreal

La Habana, Cuba Photo credit: Jorge Villarreal

Experience this evocative, transformative beauty of Havana through the lens of world traveler and local fine art photographer, Jorge Villarreal at MBS Fitness in King William for the month of September by private invitation or at a special Cuban themed event, open to the public, on Saturday September 23rd from 5pm to 11pm, where Villarreal will give an artist talk and attendees will be treated to Cuban inspired food and drinks.


Jorge Villarreal has an eclectic style and his subject matter varies. What makes Villarreal’s body of work cohesive is his ability to depict the raw nature of life and beauty in imperfection. He is intrigued by organic occurrences and driven by the unknown. Villarreal enjoys getting lost and removing all points of references in order to experience and capture the visceral.

Jorge Villarreal

Photo Credit: Jorge Villarreal

Born in McAllen, Texas in 1986, Villarreal engages in various artistic mediums. Educated in architecture, fine arts and photography Villarreal’s work has been exhibited in New York City, San Antonio, Miami, Seoul, and Havana.


Who: Jorge Villarreal

WhatYou’re a Gem’ exhibit

When:  Special event Sept. 23rd, 5-11pm OR by appointment any day in Sept.

  • For appt please call/text Nathan Felix at 512.731.0314

Where:  MBS Fitness 1115 S Alamo St, San Antonio

Cost:  Free


For more information on Jorge Villarreal visit –




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