Viva Villa Celebrates the Versatile, Amazing Hatch Pepper

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Viva Villa Celebrates the Versatile, Amazing Hatch Pepper

Viva Villa Celebrates Hatch Chile season all Month Long

Viva Villa celebrates the versatile Hatch Chili Pepper through August 31 in San Antonio with their with Roasted Hatch Chile Quesadillas.

Hatch chiles are a special type of green chile that are grown in the Hatch Valley region of New Mexico. If you’ve never tasted a Hatch chile before, the best way to describe the taste is spicy, smoky and a little bit sweet. The chiles are only available from August to September. It’s a short season, so get to hatchin’ while you can!

Viva Villa celebrates

Viva Villa is Revolutionary Tacos

Chef Cariño Cortez’s contemporary interpretations of classic Mexican street food bring bright, fresh flavors to Market Square. Her unique menu includes a tempting array of tacos, cazuelas (stew-like fillings served with house-made tortillas on the side), cochinita pibil (classic Yucatán pork in achiote sauce), inspired salads, comforting caldos, and more. Celebrate with craft beers, wine, frozen sangria, and agave wine margaritas.

For breakfast, lunch and dinner, revolutionary comida in Market Square!

Viva Villa celebrates

Celebrate Hatch Chile season all month long with Roasted Hatch Chile Quesadillas, available exclusively at Viva Villa through August 31.

Viva Villa is Located in Market Square in downtown San Antonio

Location: 905 Dolorosa , San Antonio, TX

Phone: (210) 987-8482


SUN-THU: 11am-9pm

FRI-SAT: 11am-11pm

About La Familia Cortez Restaurants

Established in 1941, La Familia Cortez Restaurants proudly provides the highest quality food, authentic culture, sincere hospitality and dedicated community patronage through four restaurants in San Antonio’s Historic Market Square area. Mi Tierra Café y Panadería and its adjacent Mariachi Bar, La Margarita Restaurant & Oyster Bar, Restaurante Pico de Gallo and Viva Villa Taquería include more than 600 team members working alongside the second, third and fourth generations of the Cortez family to preserve and grow the traditions, flavors and culture that make San Antonio such a unique and vibrant city. For more information, visit


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