Emma ‘s Sternewirth brings German Influence to its Pub Grub

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Emma ‘s Sternewirth brings German Influence to its Pub Grub

Emma ‘s Sternewirth Bar has a New Menu of Cocktails & Food

The Pearl Brewery was founded by Germans so it’s only befitting that Hotel Emma ‘s Sternewirth bar would look to its roots for inspiration. Hotel Emma is situated on the banks for the San Antonio River’s museum reach inside the refurbished brew-house of the original Pearl brewery. This hotel’s tavern sits under 25-foot vaulted ceilings enclosing intimate seating areas meant for conversation with friends, while enjoying the latest food and cocktails inspired by a bit of German Alsace-Lorraine accents.

Emma 's Sternewirth

At Sternewirth, you will delight on dishes like Smoked Salmon on toast with Goat Cheese and Burgundy Cabbage, or Duck Confit Meatballs with basil, curry and goat cheese.

Emma 's Sternewirth

Duck confit meatballs

If you like burgers, you will love the Bratwurst Patty with red cabbage, mustard and homemade chips. Or maybe the Green Chile Beef Burger with white cheddar and pickles is more to your taste.

Emma 's Sternewirth

Bratwurst patty

Emma 's Sternewirth

Green chili beef burger

If you prefer, you can get Roasted Garlic and Parmesan Tator Tots instead of chips. And of course there is a Farm Salad with vegetables, lettuce, avocado and Vinaigrette to keep you on a healthier note.

Emma 's Sternewirth

Tator Tots

There is also a cocktail you must try too! Not only is it flavorful and offer a kick, it also has some history (gossip) behind it. The Three Emmas cocktail combines Pearl beer and rose cordial, amontillado sherry, botanist gin, grapefruit & lemon juice to make this epic elixer. Each liquor represents one of the three Emmas who became part of the original brewery’s history. You can read the story of the three Emmas here. So it is a must that you drink up some history when visiting!

Emma 's Sternewirth

Not only will friends be made here but celebrations will be remembered for years to come.

***Full Disclosure: I received a media sampling in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% mine.***

Location: 136 E. GRAYSON SAN ANTONIO TEXAS 78215

Phone: 210 448 8300


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