GODIVA Launches New Amazing Freshly Made Cold Treats

Thursday 27th, July 2017 / 13:26 Written by
GODIVA Launches New Amazing Freshly Made Cold Treats

GODIVA Launches Two Amazing New Cold Treats for the Summer

It’s summertime and GODIVA launches new treats for you to celebrate in the sweetest way possible whether you’re looking for an icy beverage to keep cool or in need of a midday chocolate pick-me-up, the GODIVA Chocolatier boutique is your go-to stop for these freshly-made offerings:


  • Filled Berries: Try a new twist on the chocolate + strawberry pairing! These strawberries are infused with a creamy cheesecake filling, dipped in your choice of dark or milk chocolate and topped with a dollop of dark chocolate ganache.
  • Chocolixir: Chill out on sunny days with a sip of GODIVA’s classic Chocolixir treat. Only 300-400 calories each, this frosty drink will relaunch with a handful of new flavors including Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut Praline as well as a freshly made Strawberry.


They are here (in GODIVA boutique stores) they’re new and they are cold. Just is time for the Texas hot summer months, these chocolaty and fruity sweet treats are hand-crafted daily and ready to help you cool down. These new Chocolixirs will make breaking a routine very rewarding. Made with quality ingredients like fresh berries and rich GODIVA chocolate, these drinks are anything but mundane. Topped with fresh whipped cream only makes them more awesome. The taste is so good that you’ll want to share the news with your friends. Instead of OMG you will be sharing OMGODIVA.


The filled strawberries are only the freshest berries picked at their peak, dipped in GODIVA chocolate (choice of milk, dark or white) and filled with fresh, delicious ganache. These babies are made daily just waiting for you to stop in and pick up a dozen or so.

GODIVA Launches

And of course, don’t forget an old favorite, the GODIVA Soft Serve. Yes, this is rich GODIVA chocolate served in a cone. Choose from White Chocolate Vanilla Bean, Dark Chocolate or do it up royal with both flavors swirled together. And the cone makes this treat even more exceptional when dipped in dark or milk chocolate and nestled with praline almonds. You can even add caramel or chocolate drizzle.

GODIVA Launches

The summer choices are hard but pretty sweet, right?


**Full Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% mine.


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