IPA Day is on the Calendar for Beer Lovers Everywhere

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IPA Day is on the Calendar for Beer Lovers Everywhere

IPA Day is Next Thursday, August 3rd and Sam Adams is Ready

Sam Adams is ready for IPA Day with some refreshing summer cocktails highlighting their Rebel Family line of IPA’s giving you reason to party. Pack of Rebels includes: Rebel IPA, Rebel Juiced IPA, Rebel Grapefruit IPA, and Rebel White Citra IPA.

  • Rebel IPA: A Rebel reborn. First brewed in the nano brewery in 2014, we wanted to do something that went a little bit against the grain by brewing a West Coast style IPA that wasn’t just about bitterness, but had balance and paid homage to the aromatics and flavors of some of our favorite West Coast hops. We loved Rebel IPA, but our brewers challenged themselves to make it even better. Rebel IPA now has an intense juicy, tropical and citrus flavor supported by a leaner body and a crisp, clean finish to optimize the hop character. To dial up the hop impression, the newly reborn Rebel IPA removed caramel malt from the grain bill and now is brewed only with Samuel Adams special two-row malt blend.
  • Rebel Juiced IPA: Swirling with ripe aromas of mango and tropical fruits, this IPA is jam-packed with juicy, citrusy hops and mango juice. It’s as if we took fresh hops and mangos and put them in a juicer.
  • Grapefruit IPA: Rebel Grapefruit is brewed with real grapefruit for a big punch of citrus that amplifies the tropical fruit and citrus notes of one of the Sam Adams brewers’ favorite West Coast hops, Mosaic.
  • Rebel Rouser IPA – Bold, citrusy, and piney, our double IPA isn’t just a bigger version of Rebel IPA. Instead the brewers explored a different balance of hop character, including Bravo & Galaxy hops, and upped the ante on their flavor and expression for a brew that is intense yet enjoyable through every sip.
  • Rebel White Citra IPA: This single-hopped IPA is a result of our exploration with Citra hops, a variety that has become popular for its intense citrus and tropical aromas and flavors. This slightly hazy IPA is bursting with grapefruit, orange, and tropical notes with a touch of white wheat.
    • Exclusive to the Pack of Rebels variety pack which includes Rebel IPA, Rebel Juiced, Rebel Grapefruit and Rebel White Citra
  • Rebel Raw IPA – A big, beautiful IPA with a huge aroma and a resinous, piney punch. We used pounds of Zeus, Cascade, Simcoe and Centennial hops for intense dry hopping, which brings a big, bright hop aroma and enhances the bold grapefruit and pine flavors.
    • Very limited release, currently not available at the moment

These Rebel IPA’s, with their juicy flavors of mango and citrus, make great cocktail mixers. Check out the recipes below:

Juicy Fruit


Juicy Fruit for IPA Day

3 oz Sam Adams Rebel Juiced IPA

2 oz Aperol

1 oz Grapefruit Juice

Method: Build in wine glass, add ice and garnish with half Grapefruit wheel.

Rebel Rumba


Rebel Rumba for IPA Day

¼ oz orgeat

¾ oz lime juice

½ oz Dry Curaçao

½ oz dark rum

½ oz white rum

3 oz Sam Adam’s Rebel Juiced IPA

Method: Combine all ingredients into a shaker and shake. Strain into wine glass, add ice and garnish with fresh mango or pineapple and mint.

Gin & Juiced


Gin & Juiced for IPA Day

3 oz Sam Adams Rebel Juiced IPA

1 oz Bulldog gin

¾ oz lemon juice

½ oz honey syrup (2:1)

Method: Add ingredients, except beer, to cocktail shaker. Shake with ice, strain into Collins glass and top with beer. Add ice, garnish with lemon wheel.


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