Exciting Charc Week Features more than 30 Restaurants

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Exciting Charc Week Features more than 30 Restaurants

Exciting Charc Week is Coming Up July 24-29 with Texas & Florida Participating

The annual celebration of real, handcrafted food, exciting Charc Week,  is about to begin and this year’s edition features more than 30 restaurants in Texas and Florida.


Now in its fifth year, Charc Week has grown from a handful of restaurants in San Antonio to an effort that has spread throughout Texas and into Florida. It began when Michael Sohocki, the chef/owner of Restaurant Gwendolyn, decided to celebrate the skill and tradition of preserving meats. From that beginning, the chefs who joined this effort have transformed one of humanity’s oldest forms of preserving meats into hip attractions at the nation’s most forward-thinking restaurants.


These celebrations of house-cured meats, pâtés, rillettes, terrines and salumi along with pickled vegetables and housemade jams, often thought of as cool weather fare, now offer a highlight of summertime dining.
exciting Charc Week

Restaurant Gwendolyn – Exciting Charc Week presentation

One of the new participants, Chocollazo, is offering its own sweet take on the ancient tradition: a choc-uterie board. Yes, this one features creative and gorgeous items like chocolate salami.


Other restaurants are offering items such as chicken foie gras sausage, duck rilletes and country pâté at Bite, prosciutto made from South Texas pigs at Il Forno, and a blood sausage at Gwendolyn that will have you asking for more.


The rules for Charc Week are simple:


  • Participating restaurants must be in control of their own menu
  • They must make everything on the plate (other than naturally occurring components like salt crystals or honey) Each plate has to have at least four charcuterie items
  • Pricing tiers are at (A) $15 or (B) $25
  • Each restaurant will donate (A)$1 or (B)$2 to their local food bank.


These charcuterie plates show all of us that the work of our hands tells our story. The availability of ready-made products has taken an element of intimacy away from the artisanal craft of culinary work. The understated act of preserving food is a bolder statement about preserving tradition. Charc Week restores the intimate bond between the plate and the palate in a beautiful, savory celebration of all things charcuterie.


Who: Restaurant Gwendolyn and other eateries around the country (List Provided Below)
What: Charc Week
When: July 24-29
Where: Nationally
Why: To reconnect with the art of creating local, flavorful food


2017 Participant List:
San Antonio:
Antlers Lodge – Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa
Biga on the Banks
exciting Charc Week

Biga on the Banks – Exciting Charc Week presentation

Boiler House Texas Grill & Wine Garden
The Cookhouse
Crossroads Kitchen
Cullum’s Attagirl
Edera Osteria Enoteca
El Machito
Embassy Suites – Riverwalk
Esquire Tavern
exciting Charc Week

Esquire Tavern – Exciting Charc Week presentation

The Granary ’Cue & Brew
Il Forno
Rosella Coffee Co.
sage at The Brooklynite
Southerleigh Fine Food and Brewery
Toro Kitchen and Bar
The Well
Little Gretel
Revival Market
Capa and Ravello – Four Seasons
About Restaurant Gwendolyn:
At Restaurant Gwendolyn, step back to a time when local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients were the only way of life. Chef-owner Michael Sohocki presents a concept centered around the idea of only utilizing ingredients and techniques used before the start of the Industrial Revolution —back when he believes food was most honest. With no blenders, mixers, choppers, ice cream machines, deep fryers, burr sticks, nor anything else with a motor, Restaurant Gwendolyn brings the simple, old-world style to the modern day. Located on a quiet, beautiful stretch of San Antonio’s River Walk, Restaurant Gwendolyn offers a one-of-a-kind fine-dining experience laden with pristine ingredients, Victorian charm, historic recipes  and modern culinary standards. A night at Restaurant Gwendolyn will certainly be a night you will never forget.

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