Brothers Bring Love of Bread Cultura to the City

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Brothers Bring Love of Bread Cultura to the City

Brothers Bring Love of Bread-making to San Antonio

Brothers bring love of bread and their talents of bread making to San Antonio from their home in Mexico in their flagship panaderia, La Panadería.

Jose and David Cáceres are Panaderos in the true sense of the word. Watching their Mother bake fresh bread in Mexico at an early age brought with it a love of this fresh baked goodness. Longing for the flavorful goodness they grew up with, they took their love of bread and made it into a business. They wanted to make the same rich, delicious baked breads they grew up with and helped their Mother sell on the streets of Mexico. To get this more artisan-style bread, they learned they needed to ferment the bread longer than most bakers, sometimes up to 72 hours. Master Panadero, David, studied under the best French, Italian, American and Mexican bread makers, mastering his skills and adding his own techniques along the way. It was then that the brothers decided to create their own brand of Panadería and bring their idea to San Antonio and make it a brick and mortar reality. Their flagship panaderia, La Panadería, is a mixture of the treasured breads of Mexico plus a combination of baked loaves of American, Italian, Spanish and French breads for a Latin American experience.

brothers bring love

Since opening their new Houston Street location, it is clear the word is out about this delicious bakery. There is always a steady line of hungry patrons streaming in the door starting about 11:00am until well after lunch and again during dinner hours.

As soon as you walk through the door of La Panadería, your nose is hit with the same sweet, buttery smells of those bakeries in Mexico so long ago. This IS the bread cultura. Your whole being wants to push to the front of the line so you can start eating the rich pastries visible behind the glass casings. Here patience really is a virtue. When you get to the front of the line, you set off with your tongs and round tray to start the slow process of deciding what to choose and what to leave for another day.

brothers bring love

Or you head to the end of the counter to order a fresh, custom made torta. The process is simple:

brothers bring love

Brothers bring love to bread

  1. Pick your bread from Birote, Telera, Croissant or Kamut. Here you will find no artificial yeast to speed the fermentation, and no industrialized processes or shortcuts. The bread here is made from quality ancient grains and natural wheat.
  2. Pick your torta – the type of sandwich you want. They have tortas for every taste.
  3. Pick your soup (Black Bean or Fideo, a tomato base noodle soup) or your salad (House or Cesar).
brothers bring love

Lemon Agua Fresca, Grilled Chicken Torta, Fideo soup

In the back, behind the counter, you can even watch the dough being made and baked.

brothers bring love

They will set off making your sandwich for you while you choose a drink and seat yourself. The Aguas Frescas of the day are very refreshing during the summer. Also available are the hot & cold coffees, a variety of hot chocolates, beer, wine, Mimosas, Mexican sodas and iced tea.

Ensaladas (salads) are also on the menu and are filled with good nutritious stuff. Breakfast tortas are served until noon. They have a vegetarian selection that will reign supreme to vege lovers and the famous Pan Frances, a chocolate sourdough French Toast topped with fresh, seasonal berries, will become a Sunday brunch favorite.

There are Pepitos (open face tortas) for dinner and a Nopalito Salad, a Mexico favorite. You can also get another favorite dish of our neighbors to the south, Elote (House Made Street Corn), at dinner.

Morning, afternoon, and evening are all good times for sweet bread and a rich coffee drink. Everything in the pasty case is a winner (I’ve tried most of them now). But my favorite is the very popular Almond Tequila Croissant. Its mammoth size is suitable for sharing. This is one you won’t soon forget. The coffee drinks (espresso, latte, cortado, cappuccino) are some of the best in the city. Once you eat here you are no longer a customer. You are a Campañeros (a neighbor who breaks bread here). Now you are a part of the bread cultura.

brothers bring love

brothers bring love

Brothers bring love to coffee

For special treats, David also makes beautiful pastries that are off-menu. If there happens to be any left when you come in, I suggest you try one or two.

brothers bring love

Brothers bring love to pastry

**Full Disclosure: I received lunch in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% mine.

This review was done at the Houston Street location.


8305 Broadway, San Antonio, Texas 78209


(210) 375-6746


M-F 7:00am – 8:00pm
Sat-Sun 7:00am – 5:00pm


301 E. Houston Street, San Antonio, Texas 78205


M-Thur 7:00am – 8:00pm

Fri-Sat 7:00am  – 10:00pm

Sun 7:00am – 8:00pm




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