Famous YouTube Star and Crazy Standup Comedian Comes to Tobin

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Famous YouTube Star and Crazy Standup Comedian Comes to Tobin

Famous YouTube Star & Standup Comedian, Chris Fleming, Comes to Tobin Center

The famous YouTube star (over 14 MILLION views) & comedian Chris Fleming will be performing at the Carlos Alvarez Theater at the Tobin Center on Friday, July 14th at 8pm!

 Famous YouTube Star

Best known for his portrayal of suburban alpha mom in his hit web series GAYLE, Chris Fleming is a comedian who has appeared on Tosh.0, the Doctors, and has been written about in Forbes, LA Weekly, The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, & the New Yorker. Chris covers a wide range of topics in his signature physical style including polyamory, bats, fitness couples, tech bros, and so much more.

Gayle is a comedy series on YouTube about a suburban alpha mom. Chris Fleming stars as the title character, Gayle Waters-Waters (she and her husband had the same last name but she still insisted on hyphenating anyway). Fleming developed the idea for Gayle in his stand-up act. The 40-episode YouTube series is written by Fleming and directed by Melissa Strype, who also plays Gayle’s daughter, Terry Gross Waters-Waters. Fleming’s mother co-stars as Bonnie, Gayle’s best friend and biggest rival, and his father plays the role of Dave, Gayle’s very submissive husband.

In the mood for a little comedy? This might be just the thing to perk you up and have you roaring with laughter. You might even recognize Gayle in someone you know. Chris is on tour with his hour long SHOWPIG show and will be at the Tobin Center July 14th. Tickets can be purchased here for only $25.


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