TexMex Tequila and More at this Valuable Culinaria Event

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TexMex Tequila and More at this Valuable Culinaria Event

TexMex Tequila and so much More at this Informative Culinaria Event

TexMex tequila and so much more are included in this long weekend festival filled with bites and sips from all over the state! Culinaria fun is back with all things food, wine, and Texas at the 18th annual Culinaria Wine and Food Festival this May 18-21, 2017.

Your taste buds have plenty to choose from: Culinaria fun starts as Thursday night kicks off with a family-style dinner that features multiple chefs providing their take on their best beef dishes. Friday begins with Culinaria fun at the popular Becker Luncheon at Becker Vineyards and continues into the night by highlighting the best of the gulf paired with plenty of bubbly. The daytime on Saturday is packed with Tex-Mex Culinaria fun and a chance to learn a bit more about wine, spirits and maybe even a demo from a chef through the seminars, while the evening stars the Grand Tasting and all of the highlights of the week come together to provide an abundance of food, wine and entertainment. The Culinaria fun festival concludes with Burgers, BBQ and Beer, a favorite by all and features something for everyone. Whether your snacking style is casual or formal, there is something to fit your palate. The various events make it perfect for date nights with high-end tastings or family-fun days.

The Culinaria Wine and Food Festival Events Include:

TexMex Tequila



Saturday May 20, 2017

Price: $35 (General Admission)

$50 (At the Door)

11:00 AM

Often overlooked as the super-star that it is, yet, the center of many celebrations among family and friends and a comfort food for all, we’re giving Tex-Mex the stage that it deserves. When partnered with its good friend, Tequila, the show will go on and will certainly entertain plenty of taste buds. Learning a bit of history along the way of exactly how Tex-Mex came to be will have everyone singing its praises! Your one-ticket purchase not only includes entry into the Tex-Mex and Tequila event, but, also an array of wine, beverage and food seminars as well. Now, when we say seminars, we don’t mean the perfect time to take a nap… the Culinaria seminars are certainly informative, but, the way that we learn best is through tasting, and you can be sure that there will be plenty of that.


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