Non-traditional Fiesta Celebrations in the City

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Non-traditional Fiesta Celebrations in the City

Non-traditional Fiesta Celebrations in San Antonio

Fiesta brings things to mind like, The Alamo, the carnival, oyster bake, and Downtown San Antonio but non-traditional fiesta celebrations are also happening. San Antonians are constantly thinking outside of the box, and giving the community more ways on how to celebrate Fiesta! From flower crown workouts to Japanese margaritas these non-traditional and unique parties will make you proud to say FIESTA! is in doubt the best time of the year to be from San Antonio.



non-traditional fiesta celebrations


FIESTA! party recommendation: Flour Crown Rides and Flour Tortillas for Fiesta! Joyride at Alon and Restaurant El Mirasol are coming together for an exciting party. Come celebrate fiesta the best way there is, by enjoying breakfast tacos from El Mirasol after a rewarding and worthwhile workout.



non-traditional fiesta celebrations


FIESTA! party recommendation: Fitness meets Fiesta! Flower crowns make everything better, even more when you are working burning the calories of the tacos you will have later that evening. Smart Barre is offering a FIESTA! inspired class in which flower crowns will be provided to get you into your Fiesta! spirit.



non-traditional fiesta celebrations 


IG: @sukebansushi

FIESTA! party recommendation: Sukeban celebrates Fiesta! like no other, with great Japanese-Mexican infused cocktails bringing the best of both worlds into one. From their Yuzu Margarita to Charred orange tequila cocktail, these cocktails decored with edible flours will have you celebrating Fiesta! like no other.



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