Expect Elegant Desserts at this North Side Lounge

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Expect Elegant Desserts at this North Side Lounge

Expect Elegant Desserts, Craft Cocktails and Upscale Food at Asado Lounge

Now you can expect elegant desserts along with craft cocktails and upscale food at Asado Lounge in the Hilton San Antonio Airport hotel. Situated next to Asado Seafood & Grill and already known for their classy cocktails and their fabulous bar food, there is something else trending at Asado Lounge. Chef Mike Collins decided he wanted to add selections to the Asado dessert menu. However he wasn’t willing to settle for just any pre-made, out of the box selections. He wanted something guests would rave about. Some eye candy, so to speak. He decided to take matters into his own hands, literally. He started playing with textures, flavors and presentations. He was busy baking, tasting and refining his creations including trying his hand at making ice cream and gelatos. What he found out is he really liked making these sweets and that he is pretty good at it. How does he know this? Because his creations are selling like hot cakes. Guests are loving them!

So now Chef Collins has come up with a “Desserts after Dark” program. Every month he will feature 4-5 new desserts keeping things fresh and inviting. Each selection will be creatively designed and elaborately displayed. And best of all they will be a delicious mixture of flavors and textures.

I had the pleasure of sampling the February ‘first edition’ of Desserts after Dark, which have appropriately been introduced just before Valentine’s Day.

Expect Elegant Desserts like this February selection which includes:

Rebecca Creek Bourbon Pecan Tart – the most delicious Pecan Pie made, in my opinion. A flaky crust filled with fresh Texas candied pecans topped with a scoop of Praline ice cream and drizzled with house made caramel. Atop the ice cream is a whole praline candy made in-house as well. The hint of Rebecca Creek whiskey made this dish amazing.

expect elegant desserts

Mango Passion Fruit Pave – even if you aren’t a mango person you should give this a try. Layers of vanilla bean genoise or Italian sponge cake alternated with a rich cream is topped with Passion Fruit Soroetto artfully crowned with a spun sugar orb. This selection is light and fruity.

expect elegant desserts

Milk Chocolate Passion Fruit “Bombe” – a fruity, chocolaty delight. The bombe is cake on the outside and creamy on the inside served along side chocolate Hazelnut gelato and a warm Shokobella dark chocolate Cappucino meant to be poured over the bombe and gelato. This dessert is chocolate heaven.

expect elegant desserts expect elegant desserts

Amaretto Panna Cotta – a rich, creamy custard topped with a miniture dark chocolate ice cream bar coated in dark chocolate and dipped in toasted hazelmuts. Add a nice dollop of amaretto caramel, spun sugar and Luxardo Maraschino cherries and you have a most perfect dessert. This was my personal favorite, by the way.

expect elegant desserts

PB & J Éclair – an Éclair filled with milk chocolate mousse and peanut brittle crumbs and covered with dark and white chocolate. The Éclair was served along side a sundried strawberry gelato. What a stunning presentation this dessert makes. And it’s the best PB & J you will ever eat!

expect elegant desserts

Once seeing and tasting these sweets, you will know Chef Collins has put his heart into them. They are definitely a labor of love from him.

Be sure to stop into the lounge this week for their Valentine cocktail, the Chocolate Velvet Strawberry Martini.

expect elegant desserts

And try some of their really delicious and hearty gourmet “Texas Tapas” bar bites like the Goat Cheese Gratin, a creamy goat cheese with herbs and drizzled honey  served with flatbread and toasted sour dough bread for dipping. Or munch on some Braised Duck Street Tacos piled high with sliced avocados, grilled tomato salsa and cabbage confit.

expect elegant desserts expect elegant desserts

And of course, finish off with one of the February Desserts after Dark!

**Full Disclosure: I was invited to a media preview of Asado Lounge for a review. All opinions are my own.

Asado Lounge


Phone: +1-210-340-6060

Hours: Daily, 2pm – 12pm


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