Breakfast Tea & Bourbon – Literally a Treasure to Read

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Breakfast Tea & Bourbon – Literally a Treasure to Read

Breakfast Tea & Bourbon – Uncover the Clues to a Hidden Treasure Worth $50K

Woven between the lines of this new novel, Breakfast Tea & Bourbon, uncover clever clues to find a real hidden treasure worth $50,000.

Breakfast Tea & Bourbon is a contemporary adventure novel, an intriguing puzzle, and even a bit of a guide for a more meaningful and joyous life,” says author Pete Bissonette. “Woven within its pages are clues leading to an actual treasure hidden in the United States worth $50,000. The reader who unravels the mystery and uncovers the physical treasure can turn it in for $50,000 in cash with an additional donation of $5,000 to their favorite charity.”

The hunt begins Thursday, February 9, 2017, 5:08 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time zone!

“My advice is to first leisurely read the book and full-on enjoy the story. Then go through the book again, searching for what could be clues. Stay positive and imaginative. Someone is bound to find the treasure, and that someone may as well be you,” says Bissonette.

The real-life treasure hunt is just one aspect of this unique novel. The story itself is just as intriguing. Drawn in by The League of Uncommon Gentlemen, Nelson Moun plunks down $5,000 to join a charitable treasure hunt with a $50,000 prize. Believing he has solved the mystery, he straightaway enlists four friends to co-pilot an RV dubbed “the beast” and retrieve the treasure.

Along the way they declare bourbon a “Booze of Contemplation,” tea a “Secret of Mornings,” and his friend Lane’s Persian blue eyes a “Weapon of Hypnosis.” As they drive cross country, they realize a girl they first saw playing a flute in a quarry seems to be following them. Coincidence or trouble brewing? In the end, it’s a race to the finish line.


Breakfast Tea & Bourbon (Learning Strategies, February 9, 2017) is a treasure hunt within a treasure hunt. It’s an action adventure story, a novel you can personally engage in, and can even be a charming self-help guide.

Bissonette has spent the last three decades helping people experience their potential as president of Learning Strategies, a respected private school and self-improvement publisher in Minnesota.

Breakfast Tea & Bourbon has a fun and entertaining story, clues to an actual treasure worth $50,0000, and strategies for a life worth living.  It also includes:

  • Encouragement for savoring the moment
  • The value of helping friends and creating your own family from friends
  • The Looking Meaningful rule of toasting with a drink
  • Living the Law of Attraction
  • Clues leading to an actual treasure hidden in the United States worth $50,000
  • Embracing the energy of the environment
  • And much, much more!

Breakfast Tea & Bourbon

In addition, sipping on a few bourbon cocktails from recipes in the novel Breakfast Tea & Bourbon could not only be a great compliment to your Super Bowl festivities, but could help uncover the clues woven into the pages that lead to a hidden treasure worth $50K.

One of the recipes included in Breakfast Tea & Bourbon is the perfect ‘fancy’ cocktail for Super Bowl tailgating – or to kick off the treasure hunt – is a simple champagne drink with a southern twist called Bourbagne. This cocktail would also make a great Valentine’s Day drink combining bourbon and champagne!


1 ounce bourbon (brand suggestion: Buffalo Trace)

1/2 ounce vanilla syrup

4 ounces of sparkling wine

garnish with vanilla bean

For Vanilla Syrup:

In a medium saucepan over medium-high heat, whisk together water, refined sugar, and vanilla bean.

Bring to a boil and reduce heat.

Simmer for about five minutes – the sugar should be completely dissolved.

Remove from heat and stir in vanilla extract.


Here’s a segment of Pete making the cocktail on Fox News in Minneapolis:

About the Author 

Breakfast Tea & Bourbon

Pete Bissonette has been the president of Learning Strategies for over thirty years. The company develops, publishes, and supports programs to help people maximize their potential through personal learning courses and live events.

 To learn more about Pete Bissonette and access tips, clues, and videos about the treasure hunt, please visit:

The Breakfast Tea & Bourbon treasure hunt begins at 6:08 p.m. ET, February 9, 2017, on Amazon and everywhere books are sold online and in brick and mortar bookstores.



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