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Game of Thrones-inspired Drinks to Toast the Emmy’s

Sunday 18th, September 2016 / 12:30 Written by
Game of Thrones-inspired Drinks to Toast the Emmy’s

Game of Thrones Could be a Record Breaker

The Emmy’s are this weekend, and as you may have seen, Game of Thrones could break a record for the most Emmy Awards won in one year. Any GoT fan tuning in this Sunday should toast to the impressive wins with a cocktail inspired by one of the Seven Kingdoms.


Created by the team at The Corner Door in Los Angeles, these drinks are sure to put a smile on even the toughest of White Walkers. These Negroni riffs, would be perfect for an Emmy’s viewing party or even while watching re-runs while we await the seventh season of GoT.


Direwolf – Kingdom of the North, Winterfell


Blended Scotch

Punt e Mes

Walnut Liqueur


Red Viper – Principality of Dorne, Sunspear

Game of Thrones



Dry Vermouth

Pear Brandy



Knight of the Flowers – Kingdom of the Reach, Highgarden

Game of Thrones


Barrel-Aged Genever

Dry Vermouth

Cream Sherry




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