BURGERFI CEO at the Top of its Class

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BURGERFI CEO at the Top of its Class

BURGERFI CEO Burger is Gourmet Food not Fast Food

The BURGERFI CEO burger was born out of someone wanting more than a fast food burger. Someone who believed a good burger should be made fresh everyday, not pre-formed patties taken out of the freezer and thrown on the grill. These burgers were designed by gourmet chefs who wanted to make a better burger. Chefs who wanted to break the fast food burger mold and create something people would appreciate. They felt if they made something with fresh ingredients and loads of flavor, people would take notice.


The BURGERFI CEO burger was created in a gourmet kitchen and its ingredients came from farms, not labs. The BURGERFI chefs took no short cuts when designing their burgers. They use all-natural Angus beef from ranches where the cows are humanely treated and raised without hormones or antibiotics.

The BURGERFI CEO burger is made with two double Wagyu brisket blend patties topped with homemade candied bacon tomato jam, a little truffle aioli and some aged Swiss cheese. This burger has great taste and the meat was juicy and just plain good. The tomato bacon jam was the bomb. In fact, I would buy a bottle of it if they sold it. This burger was definitely a great executive decision.


BURGERFI doesn’t cut corners on anything they do in the kitchen so you won’t see them using microwave ovens or heat lamps to keep food warm. They make everything up fresh when you order. Even their sauce is made from scratch everyday. The potatoes are hand cut, soaked and fried twice for some truly good French fries. (They really take their potato frying seriously.) And the onions slices they use for their fresh onion rings are huge and thick. They double batter them and fry them up golden brown and crispy. No frozen sides here. By ordering the Cry + Fry (fries topped with 3 huge onion rings), I got to try both. You could taste the freshness in both the rings and fries. This side order is plenty enough to share too!


BURGERFI also has a VEGEFI burger for anyone wanting to go meatless. They are made fresh everyday too with Crispy Quinoa added to fresh in-house chopped veges. Add to that white Cheddar, lettuce, tomato and that wonderful Burgerfi Sauce and you have a taste you will rave about. Have it on a multi-grain bun or make it green layered between a crispy lettuce “bun”. You can also go green with the CEO or any other burger on the menu! That’s right, you are cutting carbs so you can skip your workout tonight.

BURGERFI CEO San Antonio Concrete

You can address your sweet tooth with their frozen custard which is churned to eliminate the air and giving it pure old-time goodness using eggs, sweet cream and sugar. This makes a nice rich, thick custard that’s way better than ice cream. You can get it in a shake, float, cow, sundae or what they call concrete (a thick custard in a cup).

I tried the chocolate shake which was oozing with chocolate flavor and a custard concrete with peanut butter and brownies. They put my custard in a shake container with a straw, but it was so thick I had to eat it with a spoon. Both the shake and the concrete came with whipped cream and sprinkles on top. I felt like a kid again!

San Antonio Concrete Contractors

I can tell you when I left BURGERFI I was full and happy!

**Full Disclosure: I received lunch in exchange for my review.  All opinions are mine.

This review was done at the La Cantera location.


La Cantera: 15900 La Cantera Parkway, Suite 3060, San Antonio, TX 78256

Phone: 210.362.1187


SUN: 11AM – 7PM
MON – SAT: 11AM – 10PM

Alamo Heights: 1907 Nacogdoches Rd, San Antonio, TX 78209

Phone: 210.858.4052


FRI – SAT: 11AM – 10PM

Medical Center: 9630 Huebner Road, San Antonio, TX 78240

Phone: 210.233.6694

SUN – THURS: 11AM – 10PM
FRI – SAT: 11AM – 11PM

Bandera Point: 11309 Bandera Rd, Suite 111, San Antonio, TX 78250

Phone: 210.521.2493

SUN – SAT: 11AM – 10PM



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