At Brigid be Captivated by Interesting Flavor Combinations

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At Brigid be Captivated by Interesting Flavor Combinations

Brigid is an Evolution of American Food Combining Flavors that Intrigue the Palate

Brigid, a posh, intimate eatery in Southtown, is the perfect setting for a night on the town. Tucked away quietly on a main street, it is a gem waiting to be discovered.

The elegant yet comfortable environment offers a cozy place to dine in one of San Antonio’s new hot spots. Serving contemporary American fare using quality ingredients that are locally sourced gives one a sense of comfort but with a slight nudge toward different. This is no accident. The chefs at Brigid like starting with familiar dishes and then combining different flavors which interest the palate. It’s not a reinvention of foods we love, more an evolution.

I had the pleasure of sampling their new summer menu recently and it truly was a pleasure.

I started with a Brigid version of the French 75 cocktail, the “Brigid 75” made with Kinsman Rakia from San Antonio’s own Dorcol Distillary on South Flores. Combine that with Oleo Saccharin, Lillet Rouge Sparkling Wine and (a new twist for me) fresh fruit caviar for a stylish cocktail. This drink was quite simply delicious!


Starters on the new menu are a nice selection for different tastes. Grilled Oysters in a sauce of Kefir lime, lemongrass, ginger and jalapeno are spicy and smoky leaving a slight bitter brininess that lingers.


Large Chicken Fried Quail over a Black Eyed Pea Puree with sauteed kale and grilled peaches brought flavors of Texas to the house with smooth sophistication. And the Diver Sea Scallop won’t disappoint. This seared plump morsel topped with Foie Gras, Manchego cheese and Spanish Chorizo was a beautiful presentation with flavors to match.



There was even an off menu dish to tempt ones interest. The Pork Ears were a pleasurable surprise. Tasting a lot like pork belly they were juicy, tender and sweetened with just a tad of honey making them very savory.


Salads include a Soft Poached Duck Egg with smoked duck ham on a bed of Frisee. This dish, as well as all the salads, left you anticipating the arrival of your entree. A Southern favorite, Fried Green Tomatoes, were a bit of a surprise here. However served with charred scallions, goat cheese and strawberry jam, they fit right in.



Another off menu special was the poached egg and pastrami salad which was light yet inviting. This went well with the house made bread which was hard to resist finishing.


And then there is the salad that could very well win an award for culinary art. Simple yet beautiful, the Preserved Meyer Lemon Kale with dehydrated raspberries and yogurt mint dressing was heavenly.


The summer entrees are hearty and bursting with delectable seasonings. Braised Short Rib Ragu was fork tender chunks of meat in a hearty sauce over Pappardelle then topped with fresh basil and sauteed pearl onions. I found I couldn’t leave this dish alone, going back in for seconds and thirds of this great-tasting pork and pasta.


The Chilean Wagyu Ribeye was just as delicious as the Ragu. Churrasco seared and served with braised vegetables, it is sure to please anyone wanting a nice steak.


Want something a little lighter? The Freshwater Ruby Trout would be my choice. Served with dirty brown rice and corn succotash in an emulsion, it is both light and wonderful.


Desserts here are kept light and simple, more something to finish off the palate with some sweetness. There isn’t a dessert menu at Brigid, just something put together daily for an after dinner treat. But in no way will you be disappointed.

Tonight was a very light and airy Strawberry Shortcake with fresh strawberries, cream and served in a crisp, light pastry shell with a slice of Orange Cake and a bit of Avocado Strawberry sorbet.


The light crispy Cannoli filled with fresh ricotta cream and chocolate chips was served with a dark chocolate sorbet.


Then there is the Sorbet Flight which came with four scoops of different flavors of sorbet. Tonight there was coconut, Sangria, strawberry and cantaloupe. Topped with blackberries, nuts and fresh flowers, it was a tastefully put together dish.


All three desserts had everyone at the table digging in until there was none.

For a meal that will appeal to all you senses, you should visit Brigid soon!

**Full Disclosure: I attended a media dinner in exchange for my review.  All opinions in this post are totally mine.

Location: 803 S. St Mary’s, San Antonio, TX

Phone: (210) 263-7885


Mon, Tues – Closed
Wed – Sat…………………….5:00 Pm – 10 Pm
Sunday Brunch……………11:00 Am – 3 Pm
Sunday Dinner…………….6:00 Pm – 9 Pm


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