C&D Burger Shoppe – How is it I Have Never Heard of this Place Before?

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C&D Burger Shoppe – How is it I Have Never Heard of this Place Before?

The fast food industry wishes their food tasted this good!

This establishment projects warmth as soon as you walk through the door, with large windows in the front of the shop to allow plenty of natural sunlight. In business since 1983 this restaurant is surrounded with memorabilia of the community and smiling kids in local sports teams, giving a calming and home like atmosphere and prides themselves on offering fresh food and excellent service. This is thanks to the two families that own the restaurant who have made, not only a great place to eat, but a great place to work as well. This location was almost torn apart but thankfully it was bought by two childhood friends who saw the potential to have a quality burger shop. With over two decades under their belt the restaurant is run by their wives who take great pride in this establishment and the food they serve.

It will be no shock to anyone that C&D Burger Shoppe specialize in burgers, fries, onion rings and shakes, but they also serve fish and sandwiches. My associate and I went for the burgers, mine with a side of fries while my associate went with the onion rings which the restaurant is so proud of they insisted on giving me a few with my order as well. I had the double burger and while I am not sure what I expected the first bite defiantly surprised me. Both patties were well done and you could taste how fresh all of the ingredients were, and on a personal note I liked how the burgers were not so greasy they nearly slipped out of your hands. So when it comes to the hamburgers, whether you order a single, double or triple, you are sure to get a well done and great tasting burger.

As a side I ordered the French fries, defiantly the go to with burgers, and they were exactly what good fries should be. They were crisp, full sized and flavor was actually present instead of an overdose of salt to make up for lack of taste. They had just the right amount of salt and again were not to greasy. I actually tried them before I tried my hamburger and had a hard time stopping to eat my hamburger.

Unlike me my associate went for the onion rings, now honestly I do not really like onion rings, but the owners gave me a few with my order insisting I try them. The onion rings are thick, well breaded and cooked to perfection. My associate loved the onion rings and I can understand why, the breading was delicious. Again I have never liked onion rings but after trying these I have wondered if I do not actually hate onion rings but simply have never had them made with quality before.

The owners take a lot of pride in this restaurant and the quality of food they serve and that defiantly shows with every bite you take. So if you want a quality hamburger with a warm friendly atmosphere that you will enjoy from start to finish, I recommend checking out C&D Burger Shoppe. You will be glad you did and just might join their other loyal everyday customers.

**Full Disclosure: I received dinner in exchange for my review. All opinions in this post are mine.

Location: 10606 Fuqua St Houston, TX 77089

Phone: 281-481-1491

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Saturday 6 am – 9 am

Sunday 7 am – 7 pm



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