Sip & Taste Your Way Through the “Italian’s Italy” with Discover Your Italy

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Sip & Taste Your Way Through the “Italian’s Italy” with Discover Your Italy




As a boutique tour operator based in Perugia, Italy, Fuoritinerario – Discover Your Italy, has been discreetly showcasing the “Italian’s Italy” to a loyal following of clients since 2007. Owned and operated by Italian husband and wife team of Matteo Della Grazia and Daniela Mencarelli, the company digs deep into the cultural heart of Italy, providing entrée for guests to pursue their personal passions. Beginning this year, the company is looking to lure the US traveler to explore “The Boot” more intimately. As part of that effort, they are enticing guests wishing to “discover their own Italy” with hands-on experiences that are not easily accessible to the average traveler.


Offering both a mix of small group and private journeys, Discover Your Italy, takes cultural immersion to the next level by providing travelers with personalized, interactive encounters with local artists, artisans and the bountiful fruits of their labor. These collaborative workshops span Italy’s artistic and traditional disciplines, from art, pottery, and jewelry to wine and perfume making, and beyond. The company’s name, Fuoritinerario, derived from a combination of Italian words, literally means “Off the Beaten Path,” which is exactly where they take their clients.


“We are constantly exploring the country and sourcing new and little-known experiences so we can offer travelers the kind of true cultural immersion that only happens through personal connections,” said Matteo Della Grazia, CEO of Fuoritinerario – Discover Your Italy.  “Our passion is to show clients the tastes, sights and sounds of Italy, but when we can give them the hands-on opportunity of working alongside a local artist, it enriches the sensory experience and makes it absolutely unforgettable.”


When creating bespoke itineraries, Discover Your Italy always includes very local experiences that truly capture Italian culture.  Here are a few ways in which guests can personally connect and express their own creativity while traveling:


  • PERFUME MASTERCLASS – A SENSORY EXPERIENCE – Guests meet a master perfume creator and learn the techniques and secrets of a historic Florentine perfumery. The workshop takes place inside an intriguing and atmospheric laboratory, located within the historical cellars of a Renaissance Palazzo in Florence. Still an undiscovered treasure, the perfumery boasts an invaluable collection of antiques which form the perfect backdrop to your unique sensory experience of beautiful fragrance. Clients relive the magic experience of alchemists and apothecaries residing here during Renaissance Florence, surrounded by unique glassware, ampules and rare essences from all over the world. Following the historical footprints of Catherine de Medici and René le Florentin, guests are guided through the process that ultimately leads to the creation of their own unique fragrance.


  • VENETIAN CARNIVAL MASKS WORKSHOP – Masks in Venice once had enormous significance in social relations, to such an extent that in some cases they were made compulsory by law, and over the centuries mask makers had considerably refined their art.  During the theory portion of the workshop, the artisan explains the ancient process of creating a Venetian Mask. Then guests choose from a selection of 45 different papier-mâché model masks to decorate, ranging from theatrical, traditional, fantasy, and even those for children. Then, they learn the eight different techniques, including finishing with feathers and sequins.


  • WINEMAKER FOR A DAY IN TUSCANY – Set inside an ancient room that is fully outfitted with professional modern equipment, guests have the opportunity to experiment their skill in making wine. Guided by a professional winemaker, they first taste five different types of grapes sampled directly from their ageing barrels and then blend them in different percentages to find the final blend which fully satisfies their palate. The result is their very own unique blend bottled with personalized labels. At the end of the maturation (about a month), the bottles are shipped directly to their home.


  • MURANO GLASS JEWELS WORKSHOP IN VENICE – A window into closely-guarded glass-making secrets, guests see the process of working with Venetian glass using the traditional “lampwork” technique. A production process that is performed entirely in Venice, includes careful research of coloring paired with creative vision to bring these stunning gems to life. In addition to the demonstration, can try their own hand at creating these legendary glass jewels.



Based in Perugia, Italy and founded in 2007, Discover Your Italy was born from a passion for travel and a genuine love of the country. Owned and operated by Italian husband and wife team of Matteo Della Grazia and Daniela Mencarelli, Discover Your Italy offers clients the opportunity to immerse themselves in the country as a local through the people and their traditions digging deeper into the cultural heart of Italy with true insider access. In fact, the company’s name, Fuoritinerario, was derived from a combination of Italian words literally meaning “Off the Beaten Path.” Ranging from private to small group tours, Discover Your Italy handcrafts each guest experience ensuring a balance of both “must see” sites and undiscovered locales. Itineraries can be themed by interest such as, art, history, culinary, wine and romance, enabling guests to truly discover “their own Italy.” Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for assistance, all guides are highly skilled, knowledgeable English speaking professionals who are born, raised, and live in the regions where they conduct tours. Discover Your Italy is a member of Club ITALIA di ENIT (The National Tourism Agency) and ASTA (American Association of Travel Agents). For more information, please visit


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