Delicious Busha Browne Jerk Chicken Salad for an Easy Easter Meal

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Delicious Busha Browne Jerk Chicken Salad for an Easy Easter Meal

Want Something Easy to take to an Easter Outing or Picnic?


Need to bring a dish for Easter. Don’t fret Busha Browne has you covered. The Busha Browne Jerk Chicken Salad is a great dish to bring over for Easter or a go-to dish you’re serving at your house.


The Busha Browne Jerk Chicken Salad is definitely a crowd pleaser and will certainly go well during Easter Sunday with your guests.


Busha Browne Jerk Chicken Salad

jerk rub
4 lbs boneless chicken breast
4 oz of Busha Browne’s Authentic Jerk Seasoning
6 oz olive oil
4 lbs onions, julienned
4 oz parsley, chopped

Mix together Busha Browne’s Authentic Jerk Seasoning and 2 oz olive oil. Mix with trimmed chicken breast. Let marinate at least one hour, preferably longer. Lay flat in pan, cover with foil, bake 10 minutes at 325 or until done. Cool then cut into strips. Saute onions and peppers in olive oil in several batches. Mix with chicken and parsley. Serve the salad immediately.


Busha Browne known for their delicious, Award-winning condiments and sauces are growing in demand in the condiment market and with consumers across the U.S. and abroad including with countries such as the United Kingdom (UK), Australia and New Zealand.

Busha Browne condiments, jellies and sauces continue to be a top choice at restaurants and at home. Busha Browne is famous worldwide and continues to grow in popularity for their high quality, all-natural, flavorful products. Consumers have become more food adventurous and desiring better-for-you options, spicy flavor varieties and simply to add a new flavor to food. Busha Browne has been bringing enjoyment and flavor to mealtimes for generations and continues to do so in 2016 with their go-to condiments, jellies and sauces. Busha Browne creates a genuine mealtime experience with their Jamaican sauces, jellies and condiments that pairs well with fish, steak, chicken and vegetarian dishes.


Busha Browne products are featured in media and are available nationally at specialty food stores and retailers such as Whole Foods, Fairway and online. For more information, visit, on Facebook via and Twitter via


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