MAX’S WINE DIVE – Comfort Food at Its Finest!

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MAX’S WINE DIVE – Comfort Food at Its Finest!

Great Wines and Comfort Food all the Time



MAX’S first opened in Houston approximately 7-8 years ago. They are also located in Dallas, Denver, and Atlanta. MAX’S is known for its fine wines, comfort food, and overall fun dining. MAX’S is known for their Fried Chicken and Champagne, and their saying is, “Why the Hell Not”. This dish is comfort food combined with elegance all wrapped into one.



This place has the best appetizers and they keep you coming back for more! The Blue Cheese Bacon Balls are to die for, and they are a fried food lovers dream, and with the added bacon, you’re in hog heaven!

blue cheese bacon balls

The Salmon Ceviche is for the more health conscious food lover or someone who wants something on the lighter side. It is served cool and the salmon was so fresh I felt like I was eating it right out of the Atlantic. It was combined with avocado and boy do I love avocado, and there is no skimping on the avocado! This dish is best served with the “Cake bread” wine, and I bought a bottle to take home.

Salmon Ceviche


The Local Greens is a meal all in itself; it is a salad with watermelon, strawberries, and walnuts. This is the ultimate health food with a sweet and sour flavor. The spicy balsamic gives it the sour kick without overpowering the sweetness. Absolutely refreshing and I forgot how healthy it was.


Main Entrees:

The Pork Tenderloin was delectable, and moist beyond comprehension. It was served medium, and I learned that lean pork tenderloin should be served medium (much like beef), to keep it juicy and not overcook, which makes it tough.

pork tenderloin

The Cracklin’ Chicken & Summer Succotash is one of the most creative and original dishes I’ve had, it is like having dinner with my Grandparents, one of those down home meals my Grandma used to make. This dish is the ultimate comfort food all rolled into one, it has butter beans, roasted chicken, and summer succotash (a squash) in one neat dish. It also heats up very well for later.

crackin chicken

Don’t wait for the Holidays to get your dessert groove on; the Last Judgment Berry Cobbler is to die for! This is the ultimate comfort dessert, and its not too sweet. I typically don’t eat cobblers, but this sweet and crunchy treat has converted me, and I am now a fan. This tasty treat topped with sweet and cream ice cream, combined with blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries with just the right amount of almond crumble may actually tease you into thinking it’s the end of the world, because it’s a sin for anything to be this good!
berry cobbler
For more info:
340 E. Basse Rd., #101, San Antonio, TX
Phone: 210.444.9547
Sunday 10am – 10pm
Monday – Friday 11am – 12am
Saturday 10am – 12am
Happy Hour: Monday – Friday open – 6pm
Brunch: Saturday & Sunday 10am – 4pm
Reservations through OpenTable
Location for Ft. Worth & Austin:
2421 W. 7th St., Ste. 109, Fort Worth, TX 
207 San Jacinto Blvd., Ste. 200, Austin, TX

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