WiseGuys – A Chicago Style Eatery Smack Dab in San Antonio

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WiseGuys – A Chicago Style Eatery Smack Dab in San Antonio

Chicago Cheese Steak

Authentic Chicago Cheese Steaks, Dogs, Bugers and More



**Full Disclosure: I received lunch in exchange for my review.  All opinions are mine.


Have you ever wished you could get a true Chicago sandwich? Welcome home to Chicago right here in San Antonio at WiseGuys.

They have everything from Chicago Cheese Steak to Italian Beef. Almost all of the meats and bread are imported from Chicago so that you can really experience the true taste of home.

If you are wanting to go on the lighter side, any sandwich can be made into a salad, how fun is that? My personal favorite was the all beef hot dog. This plump hot dog comes on a Vienna poppyseed bun and is topped with an almost neon green relish, pickle slice, fresh onions, tomatoes and then drizzled with mustard.


For our sandwich eaters, there is the Italian Beef which is a flavorful seasoned roast beef topped with sweet bell peppers. (WiseGuys has other topping which can be added on, like mushrooms or jalapenos, for a small fee.) This sandwich can be ordered wet or dry. Opt for the wet version which adds an au jus which the bread soaks up for even more flavor. This is Chicago’s #1 sandwich and once you bite into this baby, it will probably be your favorite too.
The Chicago Cheese Steak is grilled tender sirloin with grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms and melted white american cheese. These sandwiches are definitely two handers as you will need two hands to eat these delicious monsters.
They also have a few dessert selections here as well. You are probably full after one of their big sandwiches, but I would recommend trying the Cannoli, a light pastry stuffed with cream filling and drizzled with chocolate sauce.
To add to the fun and creative style of the restaurant all the sandwiches are named after mobsters. They have a whiteboard in the back where you can write your name, date or whatever sounds fun. On Wednesdays they do WACKY WEDNESDAY….every 20th customer gets a discount on their food between 11am-2pm.
IMAG0104 IMAG0100

It seemed as though everyone that came in to eat while I was there was raving about how authentic the food tasted. “It really taste like food from Chicago, I Love It.'” One customer mentioned.


WiseGuys is located right on corner of West Ave and Nakoma.


441 Nakoma St
San Antonio, Tx 78216

Sun 11PM-8PM
Mon-Sat 11AM-9PM


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