Three Women with Spirit Baking Full-Spirited Flavours Cakes

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Three Women with Spirit Baking Full-Spirited Flavours Cakes

Limoncello Cake

Liqueur-Infused Cakes are Baked With Lots of Love & Spirit


**Full Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my review.  All opinions are mine.


Do you like bundt cakes? How about home-made, really moist, full-flavor liqueur-infused bundt cakes?

Full-Spirited Flavours are absolutely, positively, hands down the best bundt cakes not to come out of your oven. Baked by Carole, Sue and Kathy, three sisters who love to cook and bake, these cakes are something you will want to order again and again.  Their cakes come in four signature flavours: Limoncello, Amaretto, Chocolate Raspberry, and Mango Coconut Rum.


The sisters created different cake sizes to meet the needs for just about any occasion. The full sized cakes make really good adult birthday cakes, Anniversary cakes and brunch cakes. In other words, they work for just about any party or celebration (remember these cakes are liqueur-infused so they aren’t appropriate for children’s events). The junior size cakes make great corporate gifts or you can use several of these grouped together for a selection of desserts at a dinner party. Bloomin Blossoms 4 pack sampler makes a great gift to mail to a friend or client as a thank you gift.

But no matter what size you pick, you will always get a super moist, bursting-with-flavor cake that will put a smile on your or any recipients face. With every bite you get a nice hint of the quality liqueurs the sisters use in their cakes, and it’s their unique infusion process that makes the cakes stand above their competition.

I received the Bloomin Blossoms 4 pack to sample so I got to try all four flavors and I found each to be really good. (I really can’t play favorites on the flavor.) Even though the cakes are shipped from Pennsylvania, they shipped well. They were packaged perfectly to keep them from falling apart and they stayed fresh and moist. And they were pretty enough to display to guests. The sisters have been making these cakes since 2009 and it seems they have worked out the major kinks. I would give the Full-Spirited Flavours a big thumbs up!

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The sisters have managed to be a “snack of the day” twice on the Rachael Ray Show, featured on Live Well channel, Channel 10, and QVC Holiday Special. Recently, Full Spirited Flavours has gained media recognition from well-known magazines and food blogs, and the company has strengthened its presence on social media in the past three months. Currently, the business has several restaurant and specialty food shops and anticipate adding many more to the list.

Contact Information:
Sue Katein or Carole Algier, Co-Founders and Owners or

(610) 933-6411

About Full Spirited Flavours

Full Spirited Flavours is a liqueur-infused cake business located in Schwenksville, PA. These cakes come in four signature flavours: Limoncello, Amaretto, Chocolate Raspberry, and Mango Coconut Rum. The three co-founding sisters were confident in their ability to provide a unique Liqueur cake business that would stand apart from other alcohol cake companies.

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