Crown Royal Single Barrel Whisky Hand-Selected for Texas

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Crown Royal Single Barrel Whisky Hand-Selected for Texas

Crown Royal Single Barrel Whisky is Latest Addition to the Crown Royal Portfolio

and Available Exclusively in Texas


On the heels of launching Crown Royal Monarch 75th Blend earlier this year, and most recently Crown Royal Regal Apple, the brand has rolled out its first ever single barrel whisky exclusively in Texas.  As a brand that values innovation, we remain committed to diversifying our portfolio and providing our consumers with options that cater towards different flavor profiles and price points.


For the first time in its 75-year history, legendary Canadian Whisky brand Crown Royal will offer only Texas consumers the opportunity to savor the root of Crown Royal’s signature smoothness, the unique Coffey Rye whisky, bottled straight from the barrel.


This hand-selected, Crown Royal whisky will be available for Texas retailers to purchase an entire barrel. Each bottle produced from the barrel liquid will feature a personalized medallion denoting the retail location to commemorate the purchase. Texas whisky adorers can take home a piece of Crown Royal history in the form of the special rye liquid produced from the Coffee Rye Still located in Gimli, Manitoba by visiting a Texas retailer that has purchased an entire barrel.


The Coffey Rye is one of the 50 finest whiskies that go into the infamous and award-winning Crown Royal DeLuxe blend matured in new American oak barrels that gives the whisky its exceptional smoothness.


Crown Royal Single Barrel Whisky is the newest member of the brand’s portfolio which includes Crown Royal DeLuxe, Crown Royal Maple Finished, Crown Royal Black, Crown Royal Reserve, Crown Royal XR LaSalle, Crown Royal XO, Crown Royal Monarch 75th Anniversary Blend and Crown Royal Regal Apple.


The taste is an exceptionally smooth blend balanced by creamy and fruity notes of banana and rich oak undertones from maturing in new American wood resulting in a long lasting and expansive finish. The liquid is made up of 64% corn, 31.5% rye, and 4.5 % malted barley.


The aromas are rich and robust on the nose with slight hints of vanilla and fruit.


Size:                                                      750 mL


Alcohol By Volume:                        103 proof, 51.5% Alcohol by Volume (ABV)


Suggested Retail Price:                 $55.00 (750mL)

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