Bird Bakery Will Have You Tweeting a Happy Tune

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Bird Bakery Will Have You Tweeting a Happy Tune

Co-Owner of Bird Bakery, Elizabeth Chambers, Goes From TV Lights to Culinary Delights

Elizabeth Chambers, entrepreneur, television host, and co-owner of BIRD Bakery wants you to indulge in home-made goodness!



**Full Disclosure: I received lunch in exchange for my review.  All opinions are mine.

The atmosphere of Bird bakery is a little like an enchanted aviary combined with a quaint English tea shop. You will find yourself browsing through old cupboards and shelves filled with tea pots & cups, bake-ware and antique looking items which are for sale. And everywhere you look are hand written sayings about the bakery’s offerings.

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From the moment you walk in to Bird bakery your step seems lighter and you find yourself humming to the playful music. This whimsical bakery on Broadway in San Antonio’s exclusive Alamo Heights is more than just about satisfying your sweet tooth. Open for breakfast and lunch, they offer scrumptious delights from Pimento Cheese Popovers and Jalapeño Cheddar Scones to Nostalgic grilled cheese or Pb&jj (Peanut Butter & Jalapeno Jam) sandwiches.


I tried the California turkey sandwich made up of roasted turkey with Havarti, arugula, avocado, tomato, red onion and local raspberry chipotle mayonnaise on seeded bread. The sandwich was the most amazing tasting sandwich I have put in my mouth in a long time. What an excellent combination of ingredients! Loved it, loved it! The sandwich came with Kettle Chips and a huge pickle spear. To add to the ambiance of this bakery the sandwiches are served on Victorian antique trays. I was starting to feel a little like Alice in Wonderland at this point.


With an assortment of coffees & teas, you will surely find your pleasure. In fact, the self-serve tea bar is a pure delight for anyone wanting to sit and enjoy high tea and scones in the afternoon. I enjoyed one of their very popular iced teas, Hibiscus Mint, made with organic Zhi Tea out of Austin. I can see why it is a customer favorite with its refreshingly delightful taste. Perfect for a hot summer day in Texas!

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Dessert lovers will be giddy with the varied selection of sweet offerings at this popular bakery. The Banana Pudding, one of their most requested desserts, will have you lingering on your childhood with its fresh cut bananas, gooey vanilla custard and crunchy nilla wafers. I swear they must make this pudding the moment you sit down because it is so fresh. No brown bananas or soggy cookies here.

The Bird bakery Lemon Bars are bursting with lemon goodness and the wonderful shortbread crust literally melts in your mouth. Another customer fave are the Carrot Cupcakes. So rich with walnuts, raisins and carrots that you know you must be getting some of your food group requirements for the day and it is all held together with a moist cake that whispers “eat me now”. Of course it is topped with a generous amount of home-made cream cheese frosting. This little jewel has even won some awards, so you must try it!


If you don’t really want carrot cake, the pastry case is also filled with an assortment of other tempting cupcakes like Red Velvet or Sea Salt Caramel. Their cupcakes come in regular and mini sizes and they also make gluten-free in any flavor. And if you would rather try something other than cupcakes, they have cookies large enough to share (if you so desire) or bars with names like Mexican Hot Chocolate Brownies or Sea Salt Peanut Butter. I tried these last two and they were as yummy as they sound!

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You will also find pies, cheesecakes and cobblers to round out their selection of tasty treats.


Everything in Bird bakery is made fresh daily. What is left over at the end of the day is donated to the Food Pantry and the baking starts again fresh the next day!

This bakery will feed your sweet craving and your playful soul at the same time.

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About Elizabeth Chambers and BIRD Bakery

Elizabeth is the founder and co-owner of the wildly popular Bird Bakery in San Antonio, Texas.  She is currently the chief correspondent for the Human Rights Foundation and has served as a correspondent for E! News and Access Hollywood and has also been an anchor and correspondent for Current TV.

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5912 Broadway St, San Antonio, TX 78209  |  210-804-2473  |  Open Monday–Thursday 7am–7pm and Friday–Saturday 7am–8pm  |  Closed Sunday


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