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Oi Ocha’s Shincha Bottled Green Tea in the US

Wednesday 16th, July 2014 / 19:57 Written by
Oi Ocha’s Shincha Bottled Green Tea in the US

Limited Edition Seasonal Tea Made Exclusively From First Harvest Tea Leaves

In bottles for the first time!


Today, there’s reason to celebrate: for the first-time ever, bottled Shincha, the year’s first harvest of green tea, is available in the U.S. The tea, eagerly awaited by leading Japanese chefs including Nobu Matsuhisa of Nobu Restaurants, can be found in select New York City retailers and specialty shops, as well as for purchase at Sushi of Gari.

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For centuries, Shincha has been eagerly anticipated and celebrated in Japan for its fresh and lively flavor. The “new tea” (“Shin” means new in Japanese, and “cha” means tea) is available for only a few precious months – perfectly timed for this summer heat – and is actually better for you than typical green tea. Oi Ocha Shincha is available in 16.9 fl. oz., BPA-free recyclable bottles and is also available at



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