GauchoGourmet “Events” Invite You to Meet, Taste and Shop Local

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GauchoGourmet “Events” Invite You to Meet, Taste and Shop Local

Grand Cheese Tasting at GauchoGourmet was a Very Full & Filling Event

Tasting of Over 40 Cheeses, Charcuterie, French Wine, and More 


Once again the wonderful people over at GauchoGourmet put together a very tasty event. If you were unable to attend this event, let me give you a re-cap of last Saturday’s deliciousness and fun!

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On hand were over 40 of the most wonderful, taste-bud inspiring cheeses from Europe and Texas local cheese makers. There was hard cheese, soft cheese, aged cheese, mild cheese and ripe cheese. Also cheese flavored with herbs, cheese flavored with spices and cheese flavored with wine. Helping to describe the various cheeses as well as offering tips on when and how to use each one were knowledgeable chefs  from the San Antonio Chef Cooperative. This turned out to be a fantastic and economical way to experience the world of cheese. This way you could purchase the ones you liked verses getting home with an expensive cheese you find you didn’t really like.

And of course GauchoGourmet offered tastings of some of their flavorful sausages and cured meats which they always have on hand at their store.

European Cheese to Taste

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Haute Goat Creamery

Haute Goat Creamery from Longview, a Texas local cheese maker, was at the event with a wide selection of different artisan cheeses made from goats milk. I sampled their traditional Chèvre as well as Chèvre with Herbes de Provence, Chèvre spreads in flavors like bacon, maple syrup and horseradish; Thai Pepper and Breakfast Berry. They had many more flavors to choose from and all were delicious.

Haute Goat also makes ripened and aged cheese such as; Feta, Manchegoat- a goat milk version of the classic aged sheep’s milk cheese, Faintly Blue- a tome style, with light blue veining and Crottin- small bloomy-rind cheese with a smooth, almost buttery interior.


Laura and Jeff Vanderbilt, owners of the Haute Goat Creamery are very knowledgeable and passionate about their cheese making. They use only the freshest Grade A goat milk from Southspoon Farms located in Yantis, Texas. If you are looking for fresh home-made goat cheese from a local Texas cheese maker, this is the place to go. Or maybe you will be lucky enough to catch them at another GauchoGourmet event!

Haute Goat Creameery, 415 N. High, Longview, Texas 75601, 430.558.8020

Taste Elevated

Also on hand at last Saturday’s event was a wonderful company, Taste Elevated, that has mastered the art of the Charcuterie platter. Lori Krieger, owner of this Texas local company, has a knack for combining fruits, vegetables, spices and seeds into beautiful magic. Her products put the crown on a perfect charcuterie platter of cheese, cured meats, cracker and artisan breads. Lori’s passion and excitement for her company and products is infectious. She had a dream, which all started with two backyard fig trees, of creating exquisite chutneys and condiments to pull the perfect charcuterie platter together to make a lasting impression. Now just a few short years later, her dream is a reality.


Her Spicy Candied Kumquats pair beautifully with smoked salmon, Boursin and flatbread or simply serve it on ice cream or cheesecake for a different twist.  Lori’s  Caramelized Onion Spread pairs nicely with Pâté and Baguette slices or Chèvre and flatbread. How to use Taste Elevated’s condiments is limited only by your imagination.

I tasted many of Taste Elevated’s products and I am hard pressed to name a favorite. Each one was a wonderful combination of flavors and textures and was a culinary pleasure to my palate.

You can buy Taste Elevated products in Central Market as well as many other specialty food stores in Texas. Twitter and Facebook 210.617.6554

Alexander Vineyards

Alexander Vineyards, a Texas local wine maker, was back this week with a great selection of their French wines. Claude Alexander, owner of this winery in Fredericksburg was on hand to offer suggestions for wine and cheese pairings. From their Grand Cru Bordeaux which comes from two regions in Bordeaux, France – Graves and St-Emilion to their Riesling which is grown on the steep slopes of the Middle Mosel region of Germany near the town of Bernkastel and their Grand Cru Champagnes which comes from the small village of Le Mesnil-sur-Oger which is located in the “Cote de Blanc” near Epernay in Champagne, France, they are sure to have a wine to please the wine aficionado.

Extra-Brut St-Emillion-e1395626183604

Alexander Vineyards mission is to provide you with the best possible wines. Whether the fruit is sourced from Texas vines or ones halfway around the world, they strive to find some of the finest expressions of varietals available and produce wines of exceptional quality and integrity. Facebook and Twitter

JBG Wholesale

march box

Last but certainly not least was JBG Wholesale with all there wonderfully fresh produce. JBG’s mission is to provide the local community with high quality, locally grown certified organic vegetables. Their vegetables are harvested, washed, packed, and delivered within 24 hours to these GauchoGourmet events. You can’t get fresher produce even is you are growing them yourself. And they had quite a variety of spring vegetables Saturday.

9515 Hergotz Lane, Box E, Austin, Texas 512.582.7600

Facebook and Twitter

This whole event was a taste fulfilling experience. Hope you can join us for GauchoGourmet’s  next event. In fact, you probably should take a moment to sign up for the GauchoGourmet newsletter so you can get email updates on their upcoming events.




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