Jon Taffer of SPIKE TV’s “Bar Rescue” Has a New Project – Taffer TV

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Jon Taffer of SPIKE TV’s “Bar Rescue” Has a New Project – Taffer TV
Top-rated television personality from of SPIKE TV’s “Bar Rescue,” award-winning hospitality expert and author of the ultimate guide to running a bar/restaurant/nightclub, JON TAFFER is now proud to announce TAFFER TVTAFFER TV is a specially designed video program for bars, restaurants, and nightclubs which includes Taffer’s specific patented management approaches ranging from Reaction Management, Guest Experiences, Creative Marketing, Beverage Program and Success Dynamics.
In addition, Taffer concurrently serves as president of Nightclub and Bar Media Group, which operates the Nightclub & Bar Convention & Trade Show happening in Las Vegas on March 24-26th.

TAFFER TV includes:

TAFFER TIPS:  A 10 minute “one on one” management discussion where Taffer provides simple, proven methods, tools and strategies to cut your costs and increase profits. Taffer provides fun, obtainable objectives and tactics to grow sales and significantly reduce your beverage, food and labor costs  and to attack sales per guest, frequency and other opportunities.

TAFFER TRAINING: A 15 minute training program developed to share with employees.  Each month Taffer attacks another opportunity including upselling, cross selling, check building, and other practices to grow sales per guest, service, frequency and employer engagement.

PROMOTION RESCUE: Taffer provides money making promotional ideas and events to grow sales.

TAFFER TIME: A 15 minute personal growth program featuring a new guest every month featuring conversations with the world’s best owners, managers, distillers, brewers, designers, DJs, entertainers and industry leaders with a focus on what made each guest successful, and their suggestions to help you achieve your success. In addition to these first 4 programs, TAFFER TV will be featuring special programming with the world’s best mixologists, speed bartenders, DJ’s and other special guests.

In addition, this March SPIKE TV’s “Bar Rescue” returns with brand new episodes and in May, Taffer premieres his new SPIKE show “Hungry Investors,” where he teams up with acclaimed celebrity chefs John Besh and Tiffany Derry in which two restaurants go head-to-head in competitions to win a substantial cash investment for their business. With nearly three decades of hands-on experience, this New York native is a two-time winner of the Bar Operator of the Year award, one of only six inductees into the Nightclub Hall of Fame and the only recipient of the Legendary Leadership Award in the history of the industry, among a myriad of other honors.

Taffer has appeared as a guest on numerous national television programs including:


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