I Love Beka Space Saving Stackable Cookware

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I Love Beka Space Saving Stackable Cookware

Unique Stackable Design Of Beka’s “Nest” Cookware Provides A Neat Way To Conserve Kitchen Storage Space

Specially designed handles and lids allow different sizes of Nest cookware to stack perfectly within one another without compromising quality.
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Every kitchen has one. A drawer or cabinet that is crammed full of pots and pans – handles jutting out in all directions, stacks of lids that make it impossible to find the proper size – it can be an exasperating space consuming mess. Now there is a solution to this problem. Beka’s Nest cookware does exactly what the name implies with each pot, pan or casserole nesting perfectly within each other.
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“Stacking and storing pots and pans can be a real pain,” says Adelheid Deltour, President of Beka International. “This problem was the inspiration for the design of the Nest line. Each of the different sizes fits perfectly into the next. All the pots and pans handles stack neatly and the lids are designed in such a way that they can be stored on the pot that they fit while still nesting inside the other pots.”
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The Nest cookware line is comprised of a three-piece covered casserole set ($269.95), a three-piece saucepan set ($139.95) and a two-piece fry pan set $149.95). As it is with all Beka cookware, the Nest line is a no compromise blend of quality, style, design and performance. While the Nest line was created to be uniquely stackable, each piece is first and foremost a serious culinary tool that will provide years of beautiful dependable service.

The Nest fry pan set includes a 9.5” diameter pan and 11” diameter pan. Each of these pans features a uniquely angled handle that allows the smaller pan to sit flat inside the larger pan for perfect nesting. Constructed from high quality stainless steel these pans have brightly polished exteriors, interiors and welded handles.

The Nest saucepan set includes three pans with 5.5”, 6” and 7” capacities. As with the fry pans the saucepans use the same unique handles to allow each pan to sit flat on the bottom of the other pans. They also feature the same quality stainless steel construction and welded handles.
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The Nest casserole set includes three pots with 6”, 8” and 9.5” capacities. Each of them have double handles that allow the pots to fit within one another giving them the same convenient ability to be stacked. Each casserole has a unique silicone rimmed glass lid that will fit on the pots when they are stored. The cool-to-the-touch easy grip silicone rims mean the lids need no handles and the glass center makes it easy to monitor the cooking process without removing the lid. The casseroles feature interior capacity markings that negate the need for measuring cups and their stainless steel construction makes them suitable for use on all cooktops including induction. Also included is a strainer lid with two different sized strainer holes.
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“The Nest line will be a great addition to any kitchen,” added Deltour. “They are perfect for kitchens where storage space is at a premium, but they are also perfect for those exacting chefs who love an uncluttered look. But it is also important to remember that these pots and pans not only store away neatly they are also precision pieces of cookware that any chef would feel comfortable using.”

Like all Beka cookware, these pans are built to last using the highest quality materials and the latest in high-tech Belgium design techniques. All Beka cookware is designed to enhance the cooking process, and save energy with materials and construction that diffuse and store heat for even, fast cooking.

For more information about Beka’s extensive line of gourmet cookware please visit their website atwww.beka-cookware.com.

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Founded in 1899, Beka combines over 100 years of engineering excellence with a young and ambitious spirit. This experience and determination has given birth to the brand new Eco-Logic cookware utilizing high-tech Bekadur non-stick coatings to promote healthier lifestyles and a safer environment. Using quality materials and the latest in advanced manufacturing processes Beka creates products that are built to last while setting new standards in the cookware industry.

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